Fun fact: The Institute for the Future has predicted that 85% of today’s students will work in jobs that don’t exist yet. Which hints the importance of having a few high-income skills. I’m pretty sure you’ve wondered how else you can make an income apart from what you’re already doing. Well, great news for you 🙂 In this article, we cover six ways in which you can make an income. A very good income. These are what Dan Lok refers to as “High-income skills”.

What is a high income skill?

Income skill

High-income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of at least R15,000 (South African Rand) or more each month, or R200,000 or more a year. Basically, a skill that pays bills, funds lifestyles, and takes care of you. By acquiring the right skills or qualities you can accomplish whatever you dream of becoming and earn whatever you could dream of. Even if the industries are still a twinkle in someone’s eye, the skills necessary to achieve them will still remain the same. So, let’s get to it.

Show me the money 🙂

The money

Okay, you’re obviously reading this article because you wanna know how else you can make money. Well, let’s get to it!


Programming also referred to as coding is one of the highest in-demand skills which will probably never lose its momentum. Obviously. I mean, you’re literally creating someone’s imagination!  

Joseph Weizenbaum couldn’t have said it better 🙂

Have a look at some fun facts about programming:

  • Javascript is used in 90% of the websites. Learning it is definitely an easily earning job. Don’t get it twisted though. It’s not an easy language to learn.
  • Most of the big companies use Python for their websites, these include Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and even NASA. So learning this language is definitely a big yes.
  • Java is one of the most demanded computer languages today and developers love java for creating software, games, and even Android apps. many big names like LinkedIn, eBay, and Amazon use this language for their backend-development. We recommend also learning React Native and Angular / Ionic. Confused by all these terms, right? Google is your best friend as a developer 🙂
  • Did you know, many successful apps, particularly those in the Apple and Google stores, are created and marketed by individuals and small businesses. In 2016 independent app developers alone made $20 Billion in app stores!


Copywriting is writing that sells, converts and convinces readers to take action 🙂 There is not a single company that does not need marketing or advertisements. That’s where Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls comes in :D. But this is about you. This is a skill that has to be acquired by reading books and by continuous practice of delivering it


You can learn copywriting tips for newsletters, social media, value propositions, speeches, landing pages, subject lines, and email copy through Dan Lok and his website or Udemy. It can seem like a lot but take it one step at a time and you’ll begin to see your copy improve. To briefly learn about copywriting and to master and learn high-income skills you can read this article.


Let’s face it, everything is on TV and online nowadays. Every company & brand is trying to put their advertisement in between commercial shows, Netflix shows, and everywhere possible. Ever looked at a video while watching youtube videos? You can definitely do the same and earn money. All you need to do is to learn the YouTube platform, software, and be creative. The software includes Adobe, Windows movie maker, Blender, and many more. Alternatively, create your own YouTube channel.


Growth hacking

Growth hacking is a strategy to acquire more customers with the least possible investments. The idea here is to grow your business in a shorter duration with proven marketing techniques. Growth hacking can be anything lucrative for customers in return for their buying back of the products or services. It mainly includes marketing strategies implemented on

  • Content marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Product marketing

Through blog creation, podcasting, webinars, social media marketing, influencer marketing, giveaways, and many such techniques which result in attracting the attention of new customers.



Investing is the most untouched topic and skill. Most of the youth ignore it, not realizing the earlier you invest, the better. The misconception is that investing is a skill to be learnt at the age of 40 and older. Wrong.

The earlier you start to invest, the higher the possibility of becoming a millionaire at a younger age.

  • Time is greater than money. Once time has passed, it can not be brought back. Once it’s spent, it’s gone. Always try to generate income from multiple sources. 
  • You don’t need to be a financial expert to invest, but you do need to learn some basic terminology so that you can make good decisions. 
  • Investing carries a high level of risk so be warned.
  • Learn the differences between stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and Certificate of Deposits (CDs).
  • You need to learn about portfolio optimization, diversification, market efficiency in order to map the market easily.
  • Read Finance books written by successful investors such as Warren Buffet.
  • Above all, remember that the greatest investment that you can invest in is yourself.
  • We recommend also learning to trade forex and Bitcoin. CryptoCrowd and Forex Academy provide free resources to learn to trade. We also recommend trading on ChainEX


Blogging is literally publishing your views or stories or information about a particular topic or subject on a website.  It could be your own website or you could contribute to somebody else’s. Wanna contribute to ours? Contact us!

Blogging at CDMM

Blogging is one of the quickest, shortest, and smartest ways to become a brand, to acquire authority, to build a business, or to make money with little or no investment. Blogging is one of the easiest skills to learn. At last, you can monetize your blog through advertisement or affiliate marketing. The more popular your blog is the more ways you have to earn money online.

Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to create your own blog.

  • Find a niche in which you want to start blogging, buy domain-hosting, and create your website with WordPress.
  • Start writing regular quality-content on your websites. Learn and apply SEO while writing content.
  • Within a few months, you start seeing some traffic on your websites.  You can start monetizing those traffic through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.
  • With consistency and proper learning, you can easily start making R8000 – 15000 within 6-9 months.

Who is Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls?

Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls, copywriting, digital marketing, web development and business intelligence specialists in Port Elizabeth
Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls, copywriting, digital marketing, web development and business intelligence specialists in Port Elizabeth

Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls is an Online Presence & Digital Marketing agency in Port Elizabeth. With our mission being to redefine the marketing industry and stigma through the use of technology and innovation. We aim to improve your sales, traffic, conversion rates, and control your narrative at a ridiculously affordable and low cost! We believe you don’t need to spend big to win big!

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Disclaimer: Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls is in no way advising you to take any action upon reading this article. This is merely an opinion and does not constitute any advice of any sort.