First of all, who are YOU?

People don’t realize that when you’re selling something, you’re not simply selling a product or service. You’re selling yourself 🙂 In this article, we’re gonna cover a few essential tips on how to sell anything to anyone. Welcome to the Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls blog 🙂

I don’t think you realize how important selling is. Unless your paycheck depends on it, right? Every time I mention selling, I always hear, “It’s not for me”, “You have to have a knack for sales”, or “I just can’t do sales” – but this can’t be farther from the truth. Think of the last time you convinced your kids to finish their food or convinced your parents to let you borrow the car for the weekend, or convinced ANYONE to do ANYTHING. – Guess what? you’re selling something!

Forget about the product and or the service. If whoever you’re selling to doesn’t like you, they’re not going to listen to you. Plain and simple. Make sure you know the product you’re selling as if it were your own and present yourself well. Be the salesperson you’d buy something from 🙂

Stop talking. Listen.

Yeah, you talk too much. Don’t. Bad salespeople can’t get over how amazing their product is. They go on and on about it! But good salespeople listen to what their clients are saying. They pay attention to the clients’ needs from the start and present accordingly.  Which salesperson are you? The listener or the talker? Be honest with yourself and do a self-introspection!

You need to stay calm. Remember, you’re selling emotion. A need. Not the actual product! Sell me a pen in the comments below! Answer the question of why, who, and what. Why do I need your pen, who am I, and what do I need it for.


Uhm, do you know who I am?

If you’re selling a watch that costs R50K, don’t try to sell it to the guy whose watch costs R2k. A common mistake salespeople make is trying to sell to anyone and everyone. Make sure whatever you’re selling fulfills your potential client’s needs and is realistic for them. You’re much likely to get that sale! 

Besides, think about how many times you probably thought “I can’t afford that”, or if you’re more well-off, “does this guy think I’m cheap?”. Yep. Know who EXACTLY you’re pitching to. Use Linkedin as your research platform. Get to know your client before actually bombarding them with figures and whatever you’re selling!

Why should I care?!

Do your prospects even care?! Why should people care about what you’re selling? How is your product or service providing value to them? Pay attention to what’s driving your potential client to take your meeting in the first place and address that in your pitch. 

Remember, features tell and benefits sell! What benefit and need does your service or product fulfill? Nothing? Then head back to the drawing board!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Don’t overcomplicate your pitch just because you want to sound more knowledgeable. KEEP THE JARGON AT A MINIMUM. The mark of true knowledge in anything is how well you can explain to the average person. They say the best explanation is one a sixth-grader can understand. Yep. A 12-year-old! Keep your pitch simple and under 30 seconds! Land that meeting and blow them away!

The key to selling successfully is to think about the person you’re selling to. Make your approach about their needs and think about how they’ll feel after your pitch/meeting. There is no such thing as a ‘natural-born salesperson’. You learn and become great at it. A great place to learn is YouTube or even Udemy.

So, on that note…..

Who is Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls & why do I need them?

Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls, copywriting, digital marketing, web development and business intelligence specialists in Port Elizabeth


Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls, copywriting, digital marketing, web development and business intelligence specialists in Port Elizabeth

Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls is an Online Presence & Digital Marketing agency in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. With our mission being to redefine the marketing industry and stigma through the use of technology and innovation. We aim to improve your sales, traffic, conversion rates, and control your narrative at a ridiculously affordable and low cost! We believe you don’t need to spend big to win big!

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